Tribulus + Beta Ecdysterone

TRIBULUS + BETA ECDYSTERONE  from Sports Food Nutrition™ is the most potent testosterone support on the market leading to increased muscle mass and libido. It is formulated with TSP95/80™ Tribulus for an industry leading 95% saponin and 80% protodioscin content.

Tribulus and Beta Ecdysterone have been a proven basis in sports such as power lifting, and has seen a rise in revival in popularity. This powerful combination can naturally increase testosterone and libido levels, leading to greater muscle growth and reduced recovery time.


  • 95% steroidal saponins, 80% protodioscin
  • Optimal natural testosterone combination
  • Powerful energy and libido booster


Size 90 Capsules

Strength 1000mg


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A powerfully perfect pairing

Tribulus + Beta Ecdysterone is the powerful, safe and 100% natural formulation that leads to increased muscle gains by providing two powerful testosterone boosters. By taking TSP95/80 Tribulus, you are adding two concentrated and natural booster of testosterone to maximize each training session. Increased testosterone levels lead to more muscle mass and less body fat. TSP95/80 Tribulus provides many benefits such as increased muscle growth, improved power and performance, and quicker recovery. This muscle growth and increased testosterone is only multiplied by adding Beta Ecdysterone creating a powerful synergistic combination.

Supported by Science

Beta Ecdysterone has been show in studies to increase muscle mass while decreasing body fat by supporting natural testosterone levels. Beta Ecdysterone is all natural and well researched making it one of the safest and most effective muscle builders. Although Beta Ecdysterone can be acquired through diet, most athletes will not ingest enough to maximize testosterone support. By combining both Beta Ecdysterone and TSP95/80 into one capsule you have a complete natural testosterone supporter.

The Benefits

There are several benefits from taking Tribulus + Beta Ecdysterone such as increased muscle growth and greater strength, and increased athletic performance. Taking Tribulus + Beta Ecdysterone will also lead to several side benefits such as increased libido and other increased testosterone benefits.

The Sports Food LIFETIME Guarantee

When we started Sports Food Nutrition, the ability to deliver unquestionably high quality products was our number one priority. Sports Food Nutrition products are manufactured in US based GMP certified facilities with stringent quality control measures. Every final product is double and triple checked by us before it gets our quality stamp of approval. Consistency and quality are things we take seriously and we stand behind the premium quality of everything we sell. Claims are just words without action, which is why we offer an unprecedented LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all our products. With Sports Food Nutrition you get the nutrition you deserve.


Take 1 capsule in the morning preferably with food.