Transparent Business

At Sports Food Nutrition we think it’s important to build confidence in our products so we do things in a straightforward way. This means we provide third-part ingredient reviews, informative and precise product information and trained staff that know what they’re talking about.

Giving you the right information is essential to us, because when it comes to what you put in your body, you need to buy from someone you trust. If there’s one thing we can guarantee it’s that you’ll always be in the know.

Honest ingredients

At Sports Food Nutrition we make it a point not to hide behind ‘proprietary blends’ and drawn out ingredient names.

We see this as an opportunity to hide things, justify unwarranted price increases, and bend the truth. We encourage customers to check each ingredient with links to independent reviews provided by trusted experts.

You’ll also find we don’t use exaggerated claims or make unrealistic promises. And, should you ever need more information our highly qualified staff are happy to answer anything and everything.

The more confident you are in Sports Food Nutrition the happier we are.

Accredited suppliers

Our suppliers are carefully selected during a rigorous evaluation process. This includes GMP compliance manufacturing checks, raw ingredient lab testing, final product quality assurance testing, and constant customer polling. These strict procedures ensure that each ingredient we use meets our high standards and that we’re only selling products that our customers love.