Quality Alternatives

As well as providing quality, innovative products, we’ve also created a range that are perfect substitutes for some of the most widely used sports nutrition supplements. These products use the same formulas and have the same potency, without the massive markup. By choosing Sports Food Nutrition you can get up to twice the product for the same price with no sacrifice in quality.

The new products myth

Most new products in the fitness industry aren’t new at all. Often they are just common supplements that have not been previously mixed together. The truth is, almost any manufacturer can make most these ‘new’ products. So the price hike really isn’t justified.

Our line of Quality Alternatives are perfect substitutes for many of the industry’s ‘newest’ products without the exaggerated mark ups. We guarantee you will get the same results while saving money too!

  1. Get industry “innovations” at half the cost
  2. Products manufactured to GMP standards
  3. Get savings where it counts on products that matter