Effects of Green Tea and Resistance Training on Body Composition and Metabolism

September 01 2014

Everyone hears about how certain supplements have great benefits when it comes to increasing metabolism and helping those that want to lose weight to actually lose the weight.  Most go into the aisle that has the supplements only to look bewildered and wonder what they have gotten themselves into because of all the variety of choices.

Green tea is not something new when it comes to aiding in weight loss.  It has been for a long time now and was thought to have a lot of benefits to in the first place. 

What is Green Tea?

Green tea is simply an herb that can be found in both pill form as well as an herbal tea form.


The Cardosa Study

There was a study done last year by Cardosa to see the effects of combining green tea and resistance training.  They also wanted to see if there were changes in regards to body composition and resting metabolic rate or RMR.  To break this down further, RMR, when combined with a strength training program, causes it to increase, which in turn means that the body will be able to burn fat faster.

The study had biometric tests as well as blood tests to discover the bio indicators.  The control that they had was that each individual in the study was given a program to follow for 12 weeks.


The Results of the Cardosa Study:

The results from the study are broken down into two categories:

  • Those that had green tea only:

There was a decrease in the RMR.  Along with that there was weight loss, losing of inches in waist circumference, a maintaining of lean body mass, and their numbers for the body mass index decreased.

  • Those who had both green tea and resistance training:

There was a significant increase in the group’s RMR, along with a lot more lean body mass, more muscle strength, and a lowering significantly of waist circumference, body fat, and triglycerides


What does this mean:

For those that are looking for a way to get an increased RMR would benefit from having green tea added to the resistance training.  Increasing RMR means more calories that will be burned in training, which results in a smaller waist circumference as well as a healthier body.