L-Glutamine from Sports Food™ offers the strongest premium glutamine in sports nutrition today. An absolute must have supplement for those in intense training and exercise programs.

L-Glutamine is key to improving muscle development and post-workout recovery. Each serving delivers an impressive 5g of this core amino acid to accelerate and maximize your workout results.


  • Reduces muscle recovery time
  • Maintains optimum amino acid levels
  • Promotes muscle health and stamina


Size 500g powder

Strength 5g


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What is L-Glutamine from Sports Food™?

L-Glutamine from Sports Food™ is one of the highest quality glutamine supplements available on the market. Glutamine supplementation is imperative because it greatly facilitates the recovery period needed after exercise. It prevents muscle breakdown, restores glycogen levels, and builds new tissue, vastly improving your workout regimen. Studies show supplementing with L-Glutamine will increase your strength and endurance, as well as reduce soreness from strenuous training or weightlifting. We’ve made a point to create a unique formula in L-Glutamine for rapid disintegration and maximum absorption so you get the most in each serving to optimize your training results.

What does L-Glutamine do?

L-Glutamine performs a number of vital functions within the body and is essential for the growth, recovery and repair of muscle tissue. It improves the efficiency of cells and fights bacteria to ensure your immune system remains healthy even during periods of intense training. We naturally produce glutamine in small amounts, but not enough to achieve our bodies’ needs. Stores of glutamine are particularly depleted from intense exercise therefore supplementation is essential. L-Glutamine has also been shown to lower body fat, improve cardio, and play a key role in the replenishment of glycogen supplies making it a great choice whether you are training for strength, power and lean muscle gains, or endurance performance.

What fitness gains can I expect?

You’ll recover more quickly and experience less soreness, allowing added consecutive workouts. You’ll notice more developed muscles, more cut definition, less muscle breakdown (catabolism) and improved metal focus. In addition, you’ll be able to better regulate blood sugar levels and reduce fat. Overwhelming research shows supplementing with glutamine will dramatically enhance high-intensity training programs.

Why should I take your product over someone else’s?

L-Glutamine from Sports Food™ is the highest purity of this core amino acid that naturally and effectively increases workout results. We offer you 500 grams, which is the strongest and the best value all in convenient, easy-to-mix powder. Each serving is specially formulated for rapid disintegration and maximum absorption to ensure you get the most for your money. L-Glutamine from Sports Food™ is selectively sourced to guarantee only the finest quality glutamine is used.

Who is L-Glutamine designed for?

Anyone who trains on a regular basis will benefit from taking L-Glutamine. Those involved in intense training and exercise, endurance athletes and bodybuilders will see great advantages from L-Glutamine from Sports Food™ due to its ability to increase protein synthesis and reduce recovery times.

The Sports Food Promise

Sports Food™ products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility with stringent quality control measures. You never have to worry about getting products with unnecessary fillers or of poor quality. Consistency and quality are things we take seriously and we stand behind the premium quality of everything we sell. Our products are either produced in-house or by partnered manufacturers where we are able to monitor quality and production closely.


Nutrition Facts


Take 1 scoop 1-3 times daily.