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Product quality is never compromised

Our formulas are guaranteed high potency and high quality. They often exceed brand leaders and are always tested to the highest standards. For example, our protein powders contain only the absolutely necessary ingredients to keep things simple, pure and effective.

Our popular True Whey 80 and Whey Zero 90 come with an industry leading 80% and 90% protein content. We also keep unnecessary fats and carbs to a bare minimum. This means you get the strongest and most potent products possible.

Most of our capsules pack a huge 1000mg punch of the best ingredients around. For instance, our award-winning Tribulus Terrestris is the most powerful we’ve seen on the market, coming in at 95% saponins content and 80% protodisocin.

Our aim is to pack our products with everything you need and nothing else. You don’t need a scientist to tell you that the best products get the best results.