Estroblocker Pro™

Estroblocker Pro™ is specially formulated to balance your hormonal levels by blocking estrogen and boosting testosterone, using safe and natural Saw Palmetto and Chrysin.

These are powerful ingredients known to be effective in promoting an estrogen-testosterone balance and limiting aromatase activity that converts testosterone to estrogen. Estroblocker Pro™ is beneficial to anyone taking a testosterone booster as it helps prevent prostate problems.


  • Shifts balance towards testosterone
  • Helps maintain optimal hormone levels
  • Naturally boost libido and overall energy


Size 180 capsules

Strength 1000mg


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What is Estroblocker Pro™?

Estroblocker Pro™ is a powerful, effective supplement specially formulated to block estrogen and promote a healthy testosterone-estrogen hormonal balance. The naturally occurring compounds used in Estroblocker Pro are Saw Palmetto and Chrysin, both of which have been shown to be beneficial to athletes, bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts and fitness professionals. Saw Palmetto and Chrysin limit aromatase activity that converts testosterone to estrogen and also help to prevent prostate problems in anyone taking testosterone boosters.

How does Estroblocker Pro™ work?

Estroblocker Pro™ uses the two main ingredients of Chrysin and Saw Palmetto to block estrogen and boost testosterone, allowing anabolic growth of lean muscle. Chrysin, also known as Flavone X, has been shown to be a powerful anti-aromatase activity compound as it helps prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. This conversion is a common problem with athletes or anyone engaged in strenuous workouts, so Estroblocker Pro is a valuable supplement to prevent excess estrogen. These two powerful compounds help reduce fat and lessen risk of prostate cancer from too much estrogen.

What benefits will I notice from Estroblocker Pro™?

More muscle, less fat, more power and strength. The Chrysin in Estroblocker Pro™ can be extremely effective in preventing testosterone being converted to estrogen. This is helpful for losing fat in otherwise hard to target areas of the body such as the thighs and glutes. It also inhibits fluid retention. Saw Palmetto is helpful in preventing prostate problems in individuals taking testosterone boosters. It also works to maintain a healthy hormonal balance of estrogen and testosterone with its anti-estrogen effects while maximizing muscle size and strength.

Is Estroblocker Pro™ safe?

Taken as recommended Estroblocker Pro™ from Sports Food™ is completely safe and is formulated from all natural compounds. Saw Palmetto and Chrysin, the two main ingredients in Estroblocker Pro, have been shown to have no adverse effects when taken in proper dosages. As excess estrogen is known to contribute to prostate cancer, Estroblocker Pro can reduce risks of cancer.

Does Estroblocker Pro™ have side effects?

According to studies estrogen blockers such as Estroblocker Pro haven’t been shown to have harmful side effects when taken as directed. Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, weight lifters and bodybuilders who wants to decrease estrogen that causes fat to develop and replace it with testosterone that builds firm, lean muscle plus a boost in size and strength all prize Estroblocker Pro™.

Who should take Estroblocker Pro™?

Athletes in training, weight lifters, bodybuilders, gym enthusiasts or fitness professionals can benefit from Estroblocker Pro. When taken as recommended, Estroblocker Pro™ from Sports Food™ is a safe, natural supplement that can help you develop firm muscle, lose fat and help prevent prostate issues or even cancer. Anyone taking bodybuilding steroids will benefit greatly from Estroblocker Pro™ to counteract the estrogenic effects and boost testosterone.

The Sports Food™ Promise

Sports Food™ products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility with stringent quality control measures. You never have to worry about getting products with unnecessary fillers or of poor quality. Consistency and quality are things we take seriously and we stand behind the premium quality of everything we sell. Our products are either produced in-house or by partnered manufacturers where we are able to monitor quality and production closely.


Nutrition Facts


Take 1 capsule twice a day preferably with low calcium meals.