CLA, or Conjugated Linoleic Acid, is a naturally occurring fatty acid widely considered to be the fastest and most effective way to reduce fat while increasing lean muscle mass.

Athletes, bodybuilders, endurance event participants and gym enthusiasts prize CLA for its benefits in achieving optimum physique and body fat levels. Safe, natural and efficient, CLA also has immune system benefits.


  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Decreases body fat
  • Prevents muscle breakdown


Size 90 softgels

Strength 1000mg


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What is CLA?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid, commonly known as CLA, is a naturally occurring fatty acid found in foods such as meats and dairy products, including cheese. Research has shown it to be highly effective in reducing fat while building lean muscle mass. There is a close link between CLA and Omega-6, which is an essential fat. CLA is believed to boost the immune system and is considered an antioxidant that helps fight aging as well as cancer.

What results should I expect to see?

CLA reduces body fat and builds lean muscle. Recent studies have shown that the effects of 4.2g of CLA per day in 53 healthy participants led to a significant decrease in overall body fat as compared to participants who didn’t take CLA. Another study of obese and overweight individuals showed that a minimum of 3.4g CLA everyday for 12 weeks was necessary to achieve a significant loss of body fat. You may also notice increased resistance to colds, viruses and other illness as CLA can work to boost the immune system.

Who should take CLA?

If you’re a bodybuilder, athlete, fitness professional, dedicated gym enthusiast or just someone who wants to have a well muscled, nicely toned body with a minimum level of fat, CLA is worth considering. At 1000mg per softgel, our CLA is 3x the strength of most competitors.

Is CLA safe?

CLA from Sports Food™ is completely safe when taken as recommended. Since it is a fatty acid that occurs naturally, there are no toxins or other harmful substances in it. Our softgels offer 80% CLA at 1000mg each and are specially formulated to give you the amount of this valuable fatty acid you need to achieve your body fat goals and build new, lean muscle. Not only has this supplement been found to be safe but it can actually improve your overall health and wellness due to its antioxidant properties and ability to boost the immune system.

The Sports Food™ Promise

Sports Food™ products are manufactured in a GMP certified facility with stringent quality control measures. You never have to worry about getting products with unnecessary fillers or of poor quality. Consistency and quality are things we take seriously and we stand behind the premium quality of everything we sell. Our products are either produced in-house or by partnered manufacturers where we are able to monitor quality and production closely. We won’t try to confuse you or muddy the water with a lot of unintelligible technical jargon. We believe in straight talk and plain, up-front descriptions of our products.


Nutrition Facts


Take 2 softgels up to 3 times per day, preferably with food.