Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine from Sports Food™ is a premium amino acid widely used for increasing lean muscle mass and overall physical performance.

Its unique ability to reduce lactic acid in muscles during training leads to to reduction of fatigue, longer endurance, and increased intensity. This enables you to push harder to reach your fitness goals faster.


  • Boosts lean muscle growth and strength
  • Reduces lactic acid build-up
  • Increases endurance and stamina


Size 180 capsules

Strength 1500mg


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What is Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid that joins with L-Histidine to help form carnosine. Carnosine hinders the build up of lactic acid in the muscle, a typical byproduct of intense exercise. Beta Alanine is one of the most popular and comprehensively researched performance enhancing supplements available on the market, proving highly effective in training and endurance exercise.

How does it work?

While you’re training, Beta Alanine from Sports Food™ prevents your muscles from building up lactic acid, the component that fatigues your muscles and slows down your workout. Beta Alanine prevents exhaustion and allows your muscles to work harder and last longer. The carnosine produced by beta alanine also has antioxidant properties that remove harmful free radicals, another byproduct of intense training. Beta alanine enables you to increase the intensity and amount of your physical training and cardiovascular performance.

What are the performance benefits of Beta Alanine?

You will see noticeable growth in muscle, strength and power with improvements in your workouts and less fatigue. You will have increased stamina to go that extra mile that counts the most. You can expect to experience less overall exhaustion during and after intense exercise without the ‘crashing’ afterward like many caffeinated products create. Studies show Beta Alanine increases endurance and boosts moderate to high-intensity cardiovascular performances between as much as 4 minutes.

Who should use Beta Alanine?

Beta Alanine is a must for anyone who trains hard. Athletes, bodybuilders, runners, cyclists, swimmers, etc… will all see increased results with Beta Alanine. Because of its endurance based performance enhancement, Beta Alanine is especially ideal for endurance related sports.

Is Beta Alanine safe?

Beta Alanine from Sports Food™ is made from all-natural products to supplement the same building blocks your body depletes after periods of intense physical activity. Beta Alanine is selectively sourced to guarantee only the finest quality amino acid is used. While Beta Alanine can cause skin tingling called paresthesia. This is perfectly normal and harmless. Many people find this tingling odd, but it is safe and will soon diminish. We recommend splitting your serving throughout the day to reduce tingling.

The Sports Food™ Promise

Sports Food™ products are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility with stringent quality control measures. You never have to worry about getting products with unnecessary fillers or of poor quality. Consistency and quality are things we take seriously and we stand behind the premium quality of everything we sell. Our products are either produced in-house or by partnered manufacturers where we are able to monitor quality and production closely.


Nutrition Facts


Loading phase (days 1-5): Consume 2 capsules 4 times daily, spaced evenly throughout the day.

Maintenance phase (days 6-35): Consume 2 capsules 2 times daily, spaced evenly throughout the day.

Upon completion of the 35 day period: We recommend taking a 2 week break before starting again.